The Ohio Department of Liquor Control issues a large number of liquor licenses and it can be difficult to select which one is right for your small business. Ohio law allows for dozens of licenses with wildly varying price points.

There are “off-premise” or “carry out” licenses that allow customers to purchase beer or wine for consumption elsewhere and there are “on-premise” licenses that allow for the operation of a bar or restaurant. These on-premise license can be for beer, wine, or spirituous (“hard”) liquor or any combination of the three. On-premise licenses also allow for carry out sales of beer and wine, but never spirituous liquor. Different permits also allow for different hours and days of sale, assuming Sunday Sales are permitted in your area.

In addition to specifying what and when you can sell, there are also different on-premise licenses for where you can open your business. Marinas, performing arts centers, botanical gardens and entertainment districts each have their own sets of licenses. For breweries, wineries and distilleries there are different licenses depending on the size of the establishment and whether the brewery will also be a brewpub or the winery will distribute directly to consumers. At J. Thomas Hodges and Associates, our experienced attorneys will help you select the right license for your small business. Call 513-421-8454 for a consultation.