Getting your tenant out after you get your eviction

In Ohio, when you go to court to evict your tenant, the court will first give you what is called a “writ of eviction”.  The writ of eviction generally means that the tenant has 7 days to vacate the premises.  If the 7 days passes and the tenant is still there, the landlord can execute on the writ.

Execution of Writ of Eviction

You can only execute the writ after you have received the order from the court.  Then you usually have to go to the clerk of court and pay a fee.  In Hamilton County, Ohio, the execution fee is $50.  Once you pay the fee, it gives you the right to schedule a set out date with the Hamilton County Sheriff.  The Sheriff will come to the property with you to insure a safe and legal repossession of the property.

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