J. Thomas Hodges was elected to a 2 year term on the Board of Directors for the Charter Committee of Greater Cincinnati. Hodges is excited to contribute to the growth of this important organization that stands for promoting good government throughout Greater Cincinnati.

The Charter Committee upholds the following principles and expects its endorsed candidates to do the same.

Independence: Independent, non-partisan leadership that demands the use of recognized best practices in governance, government operations and service delivery.

Accountability: Elected officials that adhere to the highest ethical standards in the performance of their duties. Accountability is expected in government officials both elected and appointed.

Transparency: Open government with policy decisions being made in public and effectively communicated to the public.

Fiscal Responsibility: A responsible budget that is structurally balanced and arrived at through a transparent and timely process.

Regional Cooperation: City Government collaborates with schools, other municipalities, and surrounding counties to create a smart and effective government.

Equity: Policy decisions are fair and impartial and provide opportunities for all citizens and neighborhoods to access public services and public contracts.

Continuous Improvement: Government tracks and utilizes data to set goals and priorities, to challenge and revisit assumptions in order to improve public services and processes over time.