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  • Business and Civil Litigation
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate Transactions and Litigation
  • Landlord Tenant Law
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Sample Cases Handled by Tom Hodges & Associates

  • Represented a physician group from the Houston, Texas area against a breach of contract claim by Fortune 500 Bank in the Southern District of Ohio.
  • Defended a Los Angeles, California based insurance service professional against a collection action by a Cincinnati based company in the Southern District of Ohio.
  • Represented a Plaintiff from the State of New York in a diversity jurisdiction matter against an Ohio based company.
  • Represented a Lexington, Kentucky company against a northeast Ohio company in the Northern District of Ohio.
  • Represented a valve licensor against a multi-national corporation in the Southern District of Ohio.
  • Defended a business owner located in Texas with business dealings in Ohio against an administrative action brought in the Southern District of Ohio by a California based company.
  • Served as local counsel for a group of Defendants from Kentucky, New Hampshire, and Iowa against a Plaintiff from Hamilton, Ohio in a warranty and breach of contract action.
  • Represented a group of defrauded investors from Ohio, Washington DC, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and Michigan against executives in Hamilton County, Ohio.
  • Defended a Las Vegas, Nevada business owner against claims brought by a Plaintiff in Ohio resulting in dismissal.
  • Hundreds of Eviction and Escrow trials.